When Creamware designed the first Scope PCI cards, they were smart enough to allow for the DSP power of multiple cards to be combined into a total pool for use by the Scope environment.  Not everyone could afford a Scope pro card with 14 or 15 DSPs first up, but they could maybe afford a Pulsar2 one year then another the following year to give a total of 12 DSP.  Now, since it's not practical for two Scope cards to share the PCI bus in order to be combined, Creamware added edge connectors to the top of their cards, called 'STDM'.  With this connector, the PCI Cards could be connected together with a ribbon cable to form a single powerhouse.  Even today, the STDM cables are available from Sonic Core.  This article is for those that may be in an emergency situation where an STDM cable may be required quicker than can be ordered / delivered around the world by post, and so decide to make their own.  There are also other project situations that require non-standard cable lengths so this will also be discussed.



As you can see, the STDM cable has three connectors.  Therefore it is possible to connect three Scope boards together. 

The User Manual extract to the right shows how this can be done.  And while it shows that three cards are connected via two STDM cables, I had been running my three cards using just one connector for several years. 

Having only 12 DSP in total, meant that my DSP limit and STDM connection limit peaked at roughly the same point anyway (when the DSP indicator was in the red).





Dante June 2011.  Thanks SunMachine for finding manual links :

Download Construction Manual STDM Cable (German)

Download Construction Manual STDM Cable (English)