Mr Arkadin: Built in parallel compression with the blend knob.  Nice.


Dawman:  Sounds good.  The parallel compression is really tweakable and each movement is noticeable.  The glowing tubes are a must as clients will think they are on an analog console which justifies my extreme cash requests.  It took a total of 5 minute to get these, installation was very smooth.   I tried the dNa with M/S and Analog, it is my weapon of choice now for audio out to the powered QSC K12s, and I will use one on the Leslie Studio 12 also.  These plug-ins are really perfect for getting the quality of sound I get from the Blue Skys in larger powered cabinets.  The QSC K12s sound stunning, running a separate instance for the Leslie is really nice too as I drive it to the max right before the pre amp. Kind of eliminates the need for a ring modulator. 


SoundDesigner: I spent several hours last night testing the compressor and I must say I am very very very impressed. I will go as far as to say that this is the best analog-style plug-in compressor I've heard and I've tried a lot of the better ones out there.  MasterCOMP has a great ability to impart a personal sound of its own WITHOUT being too heavy-handed and bringing some unwanted characteristic/artifacts to the table.  It is definitely a master and bus compressor with some personality.  Glues things nicely and gives a 'record sound' while not being too heavy-handed.  Definitely great plugs and the price is wise enough to get everyone in on the game.  DNA is a very good developer and a very promising company.  An excellent addition to the SCOPE Platform. The compressor is excellent top-shelf and I have no doubt the equalizer is as well; more true jewels for the Scope platform but sadly no one else knows about them (like other great Scope plug-ins). I'm sure the price being so low will make many people think these new plug-ins don't compete with the best out there and no animated tubes will further convince them but I can say in my view the compressor is stellar.  If you're reading this thread and you're thinking about buying but wondering if the plug-ins are worth it, I say buy.  This new company knows what they are doing. Their advertisement and website info isn't cheap marketing tricks at all they know their stuff.  There is something genuine sounding about the compressor and it will more than likely be my new 'go to'.


YayaJohn: Great sound out of both devices!  I did some simple comparing between MasterCOMP, Vinco-X, DAS Legend, and SC-C S.

  • Sounds: Piano, Organ, Nylon Guitar (keyboard sound) through headphones (because it is late and the kids are in bed)

  • First Impressions: MasterCOMP = Vinco on Steroids.

  • Comparisons: I tried to make things equal between the plug-ins to get a good comparison, there is obviously a lot of different settings amongst the four.  At first I could not tell a difference between MasterCOMP and Vinco until I started turning it up and the MasterCOMP seems to have a lot more headroom plus a lot of extra tweakness controls. The DAS Legend gets a rounder softer tone which I still like but started to distort when I tried to match the level of the MasterCOMP. The stock SC-C S went into distortion too after a certain level. All great devices too I might add. 

BebeCrystal:  Just bought these and very happy with them.  One of the best compressors and equalizers I have.  Looking forward to seeing more from dNa.




Dante August 2013