When I first heard our featured track 'Dubstar From Heaven' I was blown away.  Not just because of its production values or the fact it was mixed in Scope, but because, unlike some of electronic music, it had that elusive quality called 'musicality'.  I asked Shay Dan from 'Group Of Light' how he got into this electro-dub genre.

Shay Dan:  When I was a kid I was deeply impressed by psychedelic music and my love of music motivated me to produce my own music.  This was more than 12 years ago.  I am influenced by Jazz, Blues, Trip Hop Psychedelic, Ambient, Rock and some more.  I got into dub-glitch production because I've always loved this style.  In the past I've created these things and I like to combine styles in my music especially in 'Group of Light' productions.


Dante:  And how long have you been working with Scope?

Shay Dan: I have been working with Scope since I discovered it 12 years ago. Today music production is my profession and my passion.  I am working with musicians and singers to bring my productions to a higher level.  I produce my own compositions and perform them on stage.

Dante:  So tell us about how XITE-1 works in with 'Group Of Light'?.

Shay Dan:  My latest project is the production of my own musical 'Group of Light' and Scope answers all my technical and creative needs to create amazing sound in studio as well as at live performances.

I have other expensive sound cards but since working with Scope the other sound cards are just being used as converters!!!   I do not think I will switch to anything else as nothing else will answer my needs musically. 

A few years ago I replaced my Pulsar card with XITE-1 and I am really amazed by the extra power.

Dante:  Cool, so can you give us a quick run through of all your outboard set-up?


Shay Dan:  Virus TI,  Nord lead, Yamaha Motif XS, Maschine, Arturia Spark, Korg Vocoder, Yamaha CS6X, Moogerfoogers-ring modulator, lowpass filter and freqbox.   Out of these my favorite ones are the Virus TI, Maschine, Arturia Spark.  And the converters I use for recording are the RME ADI QS and the RME Fireface UFX.

Dante:  And of course - your favorite Scope plug-ins?

Shay Dan:  My favorite Scope plug-ins include all the DAS plug-ins, SpaceF Modular Mixer and Zarg synthesizers.  And almost everything that comes with the XITE-1.

Dante and Shay Dan October 2013