Often referred to as 'D-Sub', an abbreviation for D-Subminiature, these are multi-pin connectors commonly used in analog and digital pro audio equipment.

  • D-Sub connectors come in 9-, 15-, 25-, 37-, and 50-pin configurations.

  • The DB25 size D-Sub is commonly used by some audio brands (Tascam and others) for analog/digital I/O.

  • Mackie mixers use the DB25 standard for connecting to a FireWire interface.

  • DB25 connectors are also used in some audio snakes for analog connections, particularly those using the Tascam standard.

  • Yamaha’s 25-Pin D-Sub Cable has a D-sub connector at one end, and eight XLR connectors at the other. It can be used to connect eight microphones to a sound system.



Musicians Friend 2015


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