Back in Issue #22 we checked out Group of Light's Dubstar from Heaven release, including a video that showcased all the modern EDM gear we keep reading about in the music tech press.  Everything from the NI Maschine and TI Virus to Moog devices all feeding into the classic Scope STM mixers provided Shay Dan with a backdrop to his real time performance interactions with these machines.

Dante:  I guess after 'Dubstar' I had you figured as electro funk, but listening to tracks like 'Music Grounds Us' with those George Duke type Rhodes excursions, 'Eclectic Fusion', 'Blues for Breakfast' and especially the 'RockNRolla' David Gilmour breaks, I can see many other influences rooted in more traditional genres.  How did these influences come to bear - I mean, did you listen to your Dad's record collection when you were 8 ?

Shay Dan:  I still love listening to different styles of music and of course I listened as a kid to my father's record music.  In general I like to combine diverse musical roles in my music including special fusion styles.  The new album is more electronic and deep psychedelic.  But in the future I will continue to combine my music styles.  It's all the fun in music!  Endless.  There is no end of creativity.


My basic project in Scope is an STM mixer and an STS Sampler.  And all ADAT connections are connected to external converters.  Of course, every project I open more instruments.  I do all the mixing in Scope.  All channels from Cubase go through STM mixer with all the dynamics and everything.  I do not use VST plug-ins At all for mixing!  Mastering I do in Scope with Scope tools and several combinations with the converter.  I add 'hot color' quality.  Almost all of my music has my vocal, you can not always hear that it's me because of all the effects.  But I work a lot with my vocal.

When I play live I always with Microphone with vocoder and other effects.  The new instruments in my studio are the INTEGRA 7 and KORG MS20.  Both instruments are amazing in the way I work with them a lot lately.  The whole idea is that I combine all of them and create unique sounds and ideas.  With Scope I make all connections and routing easily and combine all the various technologies (analog,  digital, in-the-box and external instruments).

I especially the enjoy new ideas and endless creativity that Scope allows me

Dante:  Don't we all.  Check out the latest Group Of Light offerings here:



Dante and Shay Dan April 2015