Of course it was innovators dNa who played the opening hand in the DSP device stakes in 2015, after a relatively quiet year.  But we all know great devices don't just fall out of the R&D trees.  And in this case the wait was well worth it, as we will see with the new Optimus Prime and Tape Echo devices.

Ferrofish soon followed up the development stakes with the unveiling of thier new A32 converter.  But is it more than just a converter ?

SunMachine provides us with the now definitive guide on how to run Scope on a Mac.  Even though bootcamp has been the long touted solution, it's great to see all the prerequisites and gotcha's properly mapped out.  Want to get more out of Scope Solaris on your XITE-1?  Although Solaris was not designed for the XITE-1 architecture there are a few tips here provided so that you can get some bread and butter sounds running and even a preset bank of some mainstream synth sounds to get you going on at least six notes of polyphony.  And there's also a neat trick for doing similar with QWave.

With the question of 'how to make a track louder' coming up again I found that the 'John Paul Braddock' approach to 'Mastering The Cube' to be a great way to visualize the compromise between retaining dynamics whilst achieving optimal gain and avoiding the loudness war.  There's a Group Of Light follow up article showing thier new gear and techniques, all channeled by Scope of course.  Technical wizard GaryB gives us a clear explanation of what 'balanced' means in terms of cabling and lastly we take a nostalgic look at the early adoption of Scope PCI by Hans Zimmer through to his continued testimony of the Scope platform and XITE-1.

With this being the 26th Edition of ScopeRise (the 5th being an Xmas stocking filler excluded) we reach a milestone of 200 articles.


An historical expose on how one of the greatest composers of our time used Scope to create his vast soundtracks.


A helpful and demystifying explanation of balanced cabling and I/O by GaryB and other PlanetZ members.


The ever productive dNa team takes the analog echo emulation market a whole new level.  Optimus Prime takes over the earth.


Prolific ScopeRise contributor 'SunMachine' this issue provides the definitive guide for setting up Scope under Mac Bootcamp.



There's an old saying at the 'Z'.  Why have 2 when you can have 1 in half the space ?Ferrofish bite back with the A32 converter.


Although the Zarg Solaris was not designed to run on the XITE, we explore some useful techniques to get it happening.


Some more mastering tips from Planetz members and a run down of using the XITE-1D for mastering duties at 96Khz.

Shay Dan delivers again with the release of this latest offering from Group of Light.  Tranced out beats keep us floating in space.


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