Scope activity for 2015 kicked of with a pair of new devices from dNa, sold as a bundle.  Optimus Prime is a great delay based multi-effect, and Tape Echo an emulation of a famous tape delay classic hardware unit.  Ray introduced the pack on PlanetZ and the dNa websites as follows:


Ray:  For 2015 these new delay devices will bring a new impulse.  dNa still stands for quality, intuitive controls and inspiration.  Especially the dNa-Optimus Prime which really surprised me when I tried it on synthesizers.  Then Shogun surprised me when he tried them on drums.  It can create inspirational sounds and turn plain (but good) sounds into great sounds.  The sound examples don't reflect the full buzz I get from them when using it.  And yes, it has a hint of the classic guitar processor Lexicon Prime Time and a wink to an eighties animated series.

The dNa-Optimus Prime is a sophisticated stereo delay unit, inspired by a genuine classic!  Spice up your instruments with creative delays, echoes, dub-delays, flanges, chorusing, trebling, doubling and more.  Spice up your synths, guitar, drums or any instrument you play or use.  Get creative with this new exciting Scope multi-FX unit.  You've got to hear this must-have device!


Dante:  What can you tell us about the new Optimus updates?

Ray: There are some serious updates for creating long ambient FX:

  • Crosslink the delay mix to output.  This can be used for for example the K-Stereo patches!  Yes, it does have simple K-Stereo possibilities.
  • The Feed A to B option for example, for making ultra long delays.
  • Switch between filtering the delay / feedback path.  Sometimes you really want to use the nice filters of the Optimus right from the start, and with it's initial release these were only on the feedback path.
  • With the upcoming update you can insert plug-ins on the feedback or on the delay path.  This allows for creating endless possibilities in Sound Effects.  I made this option for an upcoming new release (just finishing up) so stay tuned for that.

Dante: 2014 you had a bit of a break from device development (congratulations on upcoming newborn), then you came back all guns firing.  What inspired you to
write these devices, and particular, what drew you to the crowded world of Scope delays ?

Ray: I was already working on this device then (since I was working on a Multi-FX unit), but things started badly for me in 2014 and in the end it resulted in a newborn to come any day now (haha).  But then I just couldn't get myself to finishing as the juice was very low....Luckily it started flowing again. I tried combining it with some other plug-ins into one big device, but it didn't work up to my standards.  All this trial and error just costs so much time but in the end you take these experiences and make a device better or more intuitive.  That is not so easy since the Optimus is a complex plug-in though it might seem easy or just more of the same there already was.  Well it keeps surprising me lots of times what it can do.  Why did I decide to make delays?  Well I just like delays in that they can create so many different effects.  And the Tape Echo is simple (as you know my philosophy is to make devices intuitive to use but still sound great).

Dante: The idea of a combo package straight off for release was a winner.  How did you find the response sales wise ?

Ray: Responses were very nice from all users and that really gave me a boost and again a big smile on my face so thanks you all!  And hence the updates that I released soon after the initial release.  And some more are still coming up.  It sold not bad though it is not easy selling plug-ins nowadays on the platform.  A lot of people do not want to invest in their 'old' system (jeez, look at what it can still do!!! Maybe redefine 'old').  I updated almost all plug-ins mostly just popup tool-tips and saving the MIDI CC assignment IN the preset as I thought that would be handy.  Also I updated the solo-function of the Stereo Equaliser (solo switches to both outputs).  I find that handy for monitoring and the summer will have inserts, so can be used for in-device mastering. PS I will put up the latest updates on the dNa site, since S|C is busy, and I can bring out bug fixes or updates features much faster!

Dante: Were you assisted or encouraged by S|C or was it basically a solo effort?

Ray: Basically it was a solo effort in creating the devices but for the release and feedback Holger from S|C assisted me where he could.  Also on the sidetrack for combining some plugs into one big plug I could get all the support I needed, but high standards prevented that device from coming out too early.  It resulted in another upcoming release. Just stay tuned as I also have another freebee coming out soon as well.

Dante: Did you have fun developing these devices and played them to your friends?  How did you party with them (the devices or the friends)?

Ray: I don't party enough (haha).  I create and test and tune all the plug-ins myself before sending some test versions out for the final beta testing or I ask people to make samples or give feedback on them.  In all honesty these first beta reactions are always very good and promising and luckily there are some good and nice people around in assisting me with those last things just before release.  I just want to give them a shout out and a big thanks for their time and efforts: Holger, GaryB, ShogunSpy, Dawman, Dante, GregH, Tessa, Thomas, John and those I forgot to mention.  Maybe all Scope users don't understand but every mail, question or reaction I get as dNa brings the plug-ins to the next level.  I take my customers seriously and will try everything that is reasonable to come up with solutions.

Dante and Ray April 2015