ShogunSpy:  Great addition to the Scope Arsenal! dNa continues to keep the Scope platform alive with great products.  Optimus Prime is like the Transformer robot of the same name!  It can morph a simple drum loop into synth lines and bass and then into realms of self oscillation ..beware  amazing! Also it can do all the bread and butter as well.  Tape Echo is also great very fast and easy to set up and great tape sound.  It even has adjustable tape hiss which I love as it's a copy cat of a famous tape delay.  Together as a bundle Optimus Prime and Tape Echo make a nice pair and they have that dNa signature analog sound.  Well done Ray!

SoundDesigner:  These are so bought (later tonight hopefully).  I can't wait to try these!  For those interested there are audio demo's on S|C's website. The audio demo's definitely sound good. The Optimus Prime multi-effector is just what the platform needed.  I've been wanting a new multi-effector for Scope for a long time and this Optimus Prime seems like 'just what the doctor ordered'.  dNa is releasing all the right type of plug-ins that Scope needs and so far the quality is high compared with other dNa plug-ins that I've tried.  dNa - what a blessing to the Scope platform!

I played with the new bundle for a few hours yesterday after receiving my keys for them and I must say 'stratospheric'.  Optimus Prime is a masterpiece. Optimus Prime is the best multi-effector I've ever owned or tried bar-none!  The variety of sounds you can get out of this plug-in is eye-opening impressive. Optimus Prime is instantly my favorite multi-effector and one of my top plug-ins now. I am thoroughly impressed.  No hype here, this plug-in is absolutely supernatural. Both these new plug-ins are special.  Just because I don't say much about the Tape Echo doesn't mean anything bad but quite the contrary I think it sounds excellent and easy to get what you want out of it.  I just am mind blown by the Optimus Prime and it fulfills a longed for desire. It is beastly, high-caliber with sound and versatility as this one plug-in can allow you to get rid of many.  I strongly suggest trying the demo if one does not own it or just buy it because it is a rare jewel.  And I've honestly heard or seen nothing better than it on any in-the-box platform I've tried. Both plug-ins are special and really should be demo'd.  It's definitely worth the time and I do believe most customers will love them.

Optimus Prime is not just another good plug-in added to the Scope platform - its the type of plug-in that looks like one of the main attractions of the platform. It actually improves the platform and makes it more attractive in a noticeable way. Another main selling point. What I'm trying to say is it would be one of the main reasons I'd buy into Scope if I was a new-customer and I usually don't think that highly for effects, only a very small handful make me feel that way.   Congratulations Ray on the high accomplishments! I know you kept a smile on your face when developing these. I'm sure I'll keep a smile when using them.  Awesome job!

YayaJohn: Yeah that Optimus device is awesome. Really nice job on these Ray.  Having fun with the Howl mode.  Lots of depth to it - here is my demo of it.

Mr Arkadin: Agree on the Optimus Prime, worth the €99 alone, so the Tape Echo is like a bonus.  As to the Tape Echo, I'm a bit confused. The LED on the Filter section blinks at a constant rate.  What is that indicating?  Also when adjusting the Speed knob it moves the Filter knob a small amount each way.  Is this correct behavior?

Ray: Thanks for the appreciation and compliments on these new devices. Nice freaking at the test yayajohn, always surprising to hear what other people do with it, gave me a big smile.  Mr Arkadin, that led at the filter section just indicates the filter is enabled, forgot to mention that at the product page on so added that. Have fun with the plugs.  Thanks fellow Scopians for supporting dNa and Sonic Core with your purchase and your love for the platform.

Bud Weiser:  What's the max delay time of the Tape Echo?  The original Watkins Copicat's delay time was pretty short.  Do we get 500ms+ out from tape echo?

Ray: Hi Bud, me.   It was designed in a different way than the Optimus Prime which is up to 2.5 sec.  The Tape Echo can do longer delays than a Copicat because of it's tape speed.  At least mine was limited that way.  With the Optimus and it's filters you can do some tape style echo's but the sound is different from the Tape Echo. The Tape Echo I designed specifically creating that Tape Echo sound.

Bud Weiser: I owned one too late 60s and it was noisy and relatively short delay, I doubt it was more than 250ms.  Otherwise I liked the Copicat and found a cool freeware emulation as VST at GSi but thatīs 1:1 and VST.  If it did at least 500ms (1 sec would be more ideal), but with that CopiCat tape echo sound it would be for me.  I'd like to use it with my real Minimoog D though.

Ray: The Tape Echo on tape head 3 and speed 7.5 is around 825 ms.  Loop function on the Optimus Prime is when the long delays are used (or the combinations with the modulated delay).



PlanetZ members and Ray January 2015