John Bowen: I don't know if anyone has tried the smaller version of Quantum Wave (the Quantum Wave SE) and checked the polyphony with an XITE system, but this does reduce the interconnections (being one of four synth modules of the Quantum Wave).  Aside from that I would have to make a new version of both, severely reducing the number of connecting pathways internally for them to give greater polyphony.  But then you wouldn't have all that the synths are capable of.

Dante:  Since the QWave is the same as 4 x QWave SE, RP_001 found a way to build the equivalent of a QWave from using - you guessed it - four QWave-SE routed together.  This effectively provides a workaround solution to the XITE interconnection problem.

RP_001:  Adding 4 x QWave SE's to my default XITE-1 project gave me a total of 26 voices max (2x7 + 2x6).  I had similar results replacing QWave with ProWave 2.0 and WC Pro One.


Dante, RP_001 and John Bowen 2014