Dante:  Since one of my favourite Australian bands 'Machinations' released an album called 'Big Music' in 1985 I have been trying to figure out what 'Big Music' meant.  I came up with several definitions but couldn't decide on any of them as being definitive so decided that they all meant Big Music in some way or another.  Big Music could mean :

  • Large orchestral or combined orchestral rock productions.  Such as Tommy or Jon Lord's Concerto for Rock Band and Orchestra.

  • Big sounding Trevor Hornian rock productions - a sought after sound from the 80's such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'Welcome to the Pleasure Dome'

  • Big effort being put into a song - compositions with longer duration and more progressive than a typical 3 minute pop song.

  • Largeness of the recording environment - for example Pink Floyd live at Pompeii

  • Lots of tracks.

An example of 'Lots of Tracks' would be if I panoramically join all the images of screenshots of my mixer that would normally take 3 horizontal scrolls across a 27 inch monitor:


So we can have big music by concept and intent, big music by the number of performers, big music by the venue and environment, big music by studio size and equipment, big music by track count or length and big music psycho-acoustically.  Here are some commercial release contenders for Big Music.  Read on to discover what Big Music means to other PlanetZ Scope users.



Dante January 2018