Late July 2015 DAS Released a surprise new update to MasterIT, a lite version which compliments C350 lite in allowing more instances to run in tight DSP situations, as well as correcting a Microsoft KnowledgeBASE release issue.  Earlier this year a few users of MasterIT and Windows 8.1 were impacted by the release of KB2919355 by Microsoft.  Those lucky enough to have installed the KB as an incremental download were able to rollback to correct the problem.  However, others whom had purchased a Windows 8.1 as an OEM build or DVD were not so fortunate.  Myself, I reinstalled Windows 8.0 to fix the problem. 


Anyway since these outcomes DAS have created this nicely crafted update. 

What is great is that the presets from the big MasterIT (as long as you use basic functionality) are compatible with the new lite version.

So: low and hi-shelf, low and hi-pass, and the three parametrics are compatible.  But most importantly the mid side processing in the lite version is the same as in the big version. 

With my own testing, it used less DSP from the XITE-1D enough that I get an extra voice or two poly out of ProWave which I also run with my Mastering plugs / rig.


Dante September 2015