These are the Scope Mastering plug-ins that appear in the mastering chain in sequence:
  1. DAS MasterIT provides Mid-Side EQ.  Provides separate bands of equalisation to Mid and Side separately.

  2. Sonic Core PSY-Q.  Provides frequency enhancement (similar to the renowned Aphex Aural Exciter)

  3. dNa Multiband Compressor.  Splits the frequency range into low, mid and high and applies compression separately to each range.

  4. DAS BrickMaster Pro.  This compressor limiter controls the final level and stereo spread, catching any last peaks.

This mastering project can be used from one Reason project to another without much change apart from balancing out the final level using BrickMaster depending on what the master mix level coming from reason is producing. 

This approach can impart a signature 'sound' to all your tracks, within an album or of course can be varied from track to track.

And you will obtain the same consistent sound quality whether or not you use VST or RE !