We often speak about how close our software studios represent real hardware.  Scope in many ways achieves this in sound quality, stability and resource management (pre-allocation of DSP).

However, both native DAW and Scope mixers have workflow limitations that impede track building with the necessity to deal with routings from native or Scope devices, outputs such as ASIO and Rewire and views that require clicking on a track to control its dynamics and equalisation.

With the Reason SLL, as soon as you add another synth, drum machine, sampler or audio track to your rack OR sequencer, a channel will be added to the mixer with the source name (which you can change).  So the workflow between mixer, devices and sequencer is totally integrated.

In some ways this is even better than a real studio and finding a channel's device or sequencer track is accelerated by the small 'SEQ' and 'RACK' buttons at the bottom of each track.  Channels can be grouped together VCA style with a master fader which appears with a red fader and the visibility of horizontal mixer sections such as dynamics, effect sends and equalisation can be individually turned on or off.

Like Scope, Reason allows free routing of virtually anything to anything else.  That includes CV, MIDI and Audio.

Workflow and visually this is a dream setup and makes a perfect compliment to Scope.