To the right you can see two Scope projects, one at the top for Scope XITE-1D and the one below for Scope PCI. These run at 96KHz.

SCOPE XITE-1D runs all the mastering plug-ins. The fully mastered signal runs back into the ASIO2 Dest (Channel 2) which routes back to Reason for recoding the master mix. This configuration is called a 'loopback'. We also have an instance of John Bowens Pro-Wave also feeding back into Reason ASIO-Dest (Channel 3). ASIO-Dest (Channel 4) is used to record live Vocals or Guitar fed into the XITE-1D Analog Input.

SCOPE PCI can run whatever synths (mostly proTone) can run at 96Khz on 9 x DSP. SP-DIF feeds the output back into the Scope XITE-1D AES-EBU, which then in turn feeds it back into Reason on ASIO Dest (Channel 1).