The SC-AutoGate is another step into the creative realm for the SC series of processors and is great at chopping audio into a rhythmic context.  Modern genres such as EDM or Trance benefit from these types of effects where imagination is the only limit. 

The SC-AutoGate works with a 16 step sequencer that can control Volume (or Pan) and Curve (Release) per step.  The sequence travels from left to right and cycles back to step one when it has completed step 16 unless a MIDI note on is received in which case the sequence starts again at step 1 no matter what its current position is.

Volume: Adjust the volume of each step with the mouse.

Curve: The Curve controls the release time of each step so that it can be varied from legato to staccato.

Int: Switches between Internal or External tempo source.

BPM: Controls the tempo of the sequence when 'Int' is switched on.

Div: Controls the beat subdivision such that the higher values result in a 'faster' sequence.

MIDI: Provides the external tempo.  Also a MIDI note received will re-trigger the sequence to start from step one.

Reset: When on, a MIDI Note on will reset the sequence to the first step.

Pan: Sets the sequencer into a mode where it controls Pan rather than Volume

Dry/Wet: Mix between the dry and the wet signal.

The above setting is a good starting point for an EDM four-on-the-floor feel.



Dante December 2017