The SC-Channel S is a logical addition to the SC series of plug-ins.  Since Sonic Core took over from the old Creamware, the SC range of devices.

LC: Low Cut Frequency.  The frequency below which gain is cut.

Each of equaliser 4 bands then have the following 4 parameters

F: Frequency of the band.

On: Turns the equaliser band on or off.

Q: Bandwidth of the band.

G: Gain of the band.

Note the LS and HS bands have a Bell switch to change the shape of compression.

HC: High Cut Frequency.  The frequency above which gain is cut.

On: Noise Gate On.  Turn this off to bypass the NoiseGate.

Threshold: NoiseGate Threshold volume below which the sound cuts off.

Release: Time after which the sound returns to full gain after the gain goes back over the threshold.

pre EQ: Noise gate will activate based on the pre EQ gain.

post EQ: Noise gate will activate based on the post EQ gain.

On: Compressor On.  Turn this off to bypass the Compressor.


Input:  Compressor Input level above which compression takes place

Loudness:  Level to which the compressor will add gain.


Dante December 2017