Background: Scope 7 is a release that draws a line in the history of DSP based audio software.  Cross that line into the past and we see a landscape littered with fallen DSP audio platforms.  In the words of SoundDesigner:  'There have been a lot of DSP platforms that have come and gone over the years (SSL Duende, TC PowerCore, Korg Oasis PCI, Waves APA, SoundScape Mixtreme and the Yamaha DSP Factory) and generally speaking Scope was here before them and Scope is still here after they have gone.  Scope is here because it truly was and is something special born into the audio world in 1998.  And it continues to improve.  I'm sure the Scope 7 release will position the platform to continue into the future.  I myself have never seen any good reasons to leave the platform and only great reasons to stay'.

Cross that line into the future and we see a platform that hasn't fallen into the traps of the others.  Minimal advertising and infrastructure overheads have seen a lean and mean operation such as Sonic Core retain ground against the native onslaught that has seen the demise of the others. Functionally, Scope is way more than just added processing power like many of the fallen systems.  Processing power alone has all too easily been eroded by the native advance and Scope offers functionality and routing way beyond what competitors could ever hope to achieve due to years of research and development.

SCOPE Application v7 Release Notes Build 1705 from Sonic Core:  Thank you very much for using Sonic Core SCOPE v7. This document contains important information about compatibly, installation and known issues related to the release.  So what is new in SCOPE Application v7?

  • Windows 10 compatibility:  One of the main points we have focused on in SCOPE v7 is compatibility and optimizations related to Windows 10. The Hardware Driver, ASIO and DSP system layers have been adapted and improved, as well as the resource management. For SCOPE XITE, you now can find a Properties Page at the Driver Settings (Windows Device Manager) which only was available for SCOPE PCI boards before. It allows you to configure Wave Devices, Output Buffering and more.

  • New Appearance: The Application user interface as well as Mixers, Effects, Tools, Message Boxes and cursors have been revised. 

  • New Plug-Ins: SC-Channel M, SC-Channel S, SC-AutoGate, SC-BrickWall EQ (see the Effects menu), Quad Space Shepard Generator QSSG (see the Plug-Ins menu), Arpeg02 (see the Synths menu), MINIMAX v7 (Drone and Unison Mode), Lightwave v7 (Drone and Unison Mode)

  • Updated Plug-Ins / Bug fixing: ControlRoom, SB404, GateSEQ1 Modular Module, MasterVerb, Masterverb Classic, E-Reflector, Miniscope, Miniscope MK2.

  • Application / Bug fixing: If you are used to work with SCOPE you will find a lot of minor bug fixes and improvements that will make the use of SCOPE more efficient and easier.

  • Known Bugs: (Dated Dec. 1st, 2017) STS Samplers can cause crashes on 64 Bit Windows systems. Wave In causes crackles. At this time not all of the known bugs might be fixed. We appreciate your feedback related to further development and bug fixing. Free Updates to SCOPE v7 will follow.

YayaJohn:  Anyone doubting whether the V7 upgrade is worth the money here is proof why it is totally worth it.

Finally a fully armed and operational battle-station! This was all loaded up with NO DSP optimization or SAT connection Pop-up windows. V7 automagically assigned and distributed the load.  Yay!!! I could have loaded more too!

Congratulations Holger tremendous accomplishment and will power to finish the job after all these years and setbacks. The future is bright! A lesser platform would have crumbled but Scope is mighty and conquers all!

Anyone even remotely thinking about ordering an XITE-1 needs to jump on the insane price being offered right now!


Dante, Holger, SoundDesigner and YayaJohn December 2017