Group of Light is a PsyBass / Psybient project by Shay Dan.  For more details see Random Records Booking: 

Shay Dan is a working Producer and Mastering engineer currently positioned as the main engineer for the Israeli label Fusion Culture Records. 

As a kid Shay was deeply impressed and influenced from the psychedelic vibes. His deep love for advanced electronic music motivated him to produce and create his own style. This was more than 18 years ago around the year 2000.  Music production is his profession and his passion. Shay is working with musicians, instruments players and singers in order to create an Organic Electronic experience in his own unique style and sound. Group of Light is currently my main project in the musical field.

The project orbits around deep psychedelic vibration, on a low BPM atmosphere with a high musical meditation level. Surrounds with clean and modern mixing approach, Group of Light is bringing the cutting edge electronics to a new level of production.

Dante: How do you create the music ?  Do you start with a big idea ?


Shay Dan: I don't think too much.  I just start with an idea such as just chords or atmospheric sound-bits and then I follow it and develop from there with my equipment.  It's important to me that the music will come from my inside and not from thinking.  In all my projects I work from scratch.  Most of my projects I write with MIDI and I'm not in a rush to record to audio and therefore keep my options open.  However if my idea needs an audio recording I will do that. 

Dante:  And is Scope your best friend ?

Shay Dan:  All off my mixing I do in scope system.  I use the scope system a hell of a lot.  Effects, dynamics and mastering are the exclusive domain of the Scope system.  I would never leave those crucial processes up to any VST.  

Dante: PsyBass/Psybient where does that come from did you invent that and was it the same genre's as your previous albums ?

Shay Dan: Its the same genre like the previous album. I didn't invented it, its a popular genre for psychedelic electronic down tempo music.


Dante and Shay Dan March 2019


Download 'The Hive'