Dante:  Can you tell us about Bandcamp and promotion in general ?

Shay Dan:  Bandcamp is great but its important to release the music in a good label.  Each label has there follower in every new release they get an email notification about it.   This way you get a chance to expose your music to them.   The most important is to find the label that it fits your music!   For 'The Hive' album I chose Randome Records as the vibe of the label is deep psychedelic and its unique stuff.  All the big stores of music work the same.  To promote a Bandcamp personal account it will be harder to get to people.  In my new album I decided to allow free download and name your price to get to more people and expose the music.  A lot of people paying for it and they appreciate the music.

Dante: You mentioned the importance of having a good label in conjunction with using Bandcamp.  How do you go about finding your label.  I mean, do you do it all online or do you hit the streets and walk into physical buildings and hand out CDís?  Or network at your live performances where by chance label reps have shown up or invited ?

Shay Dan:  It's mostly on line and for the fans I perform at live partys and festivals.  About finding the label - you need to search for label that fits your style and then send them demo and all the material you have about yourself hoping that they will like it.

Dante: For example I have released a Rock album on Bandcamp Ė how would I find a good Rock label ?  Is that more difficult for bedroom artists who donít have a live show ?

Shay Dan:  For the beginning it's important to make two demo tracks with mastering (final track) then you start searching the web for a few labels that fit your music style and start sending demos and a biography.  For the labels the music its what important.  It's not a big deal if you don't have live shows.

Dante: And now to the future.  What will be your next project ?

Shay Dan: I will start working on a new full album.  It will be at least 7 or 8 tracks and it will be different from this album.  I hope it will be my masterpiece album (-:

Dante:  Sounds cool.  I'm sure it will be a sonic masterpiece and look forward to buying it on Bandcamp.  Meanwhile, check out the latest Group Of Light offerings here:

Shay Dan and Dante February 2019