Dante: Your Scope project looks complicated. Can you explain its basic functionality and does it change much from track to track ?

Shay Dan: This is my basic project.  Every piece of outboard I plan to use in an album is connected to the Scope project.  For example all converters and MIDI devices.  And everything I open in the mixer and synthesizers I open in the project. 

After I have opened all the devices I need then save it in a new name.  Mainly after the name of the track I'm working on for easy reference later.

Dante: Looks like you are using the Brainworx BX1 and the Scope Optimaster for Mastering.  Do you tweak the Optimaster much or do you use it's Wizard settings ?

Shay Dan: I tweak the Optimaster each track according to what it may need and the same with the Brainworx BX1. Generally I do start with some presets or a wizard generated setting at first.







Dante and Shay Dan March 2019