Shay Dan:  Where did you get the inspiration from to create the 'Sea Of Songs' album ?

Dante:  I really can't remember how I came up with the title track.  It's just one of those things where a certain train of thought leads to an idea that kicks of a chain reaction.  I had no intention of creating an album at first, just the track.  I was noodling around with some of the new guitar plug-ins, in particular Shreddage and A-List Guitarist and had the idea to build up a kind of alternative rock sound.  Maybe like Star Sailor, New Order or Duran Duran.  Something like some of the older 80's bands who have gone alternative in the early 2000's - somewhat progressing over their new wave origins to become more guitar oriented and modern sounding.


Shay Dan:  So how did that one song evolve into an entire Album ?

Dante:  The interesting thing here is that the title 'Sea Of Songs' implied just that - a collection of songs.  So once I came up with the first track it was it's title that compelled me to create 'the' sea of songs !

Shay Dan:  So is there a common theme in the sea ?  Is it the same stretch of ocean with the same currents ?

Dante:  That's a good analogy.  The easiest way to describe it is that its essentially a list of some of my fascinations in life - both recent and historical.

Shay Dan:  So you get themes ranging from religious, scientific, historical and sociological ?

Dante:  Sure.  I've got Ancient Egypt, Dinosaurs, Space craft and Rock Stars all in there somewhere.

Shay Dan:  And even Time Machines I notice.

Dante: Yeah - but that's not like a science fiction time machine, its taking the concept of the human mind being a kind of time machine.

Shay Dan:  In that we as humans think a lot about the past and/or the future?

Dante: Yeah - and I'm wondering about that coming from the survival instincts of ancient animals, who had to say predict the movements of predators in order to protect their young. 

Shay Dan:  And now the concept of humans sending a space craft to land on Mars and collect information.  That's quite futuristic.

Dante:  I also find it God like - so its a natural (although potentially controversial) intersection of Science and Religion.

Shay Dan:  Cool.


Dante and Shay Dan March 2019


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