Shay Dan:  Can you tell us a bit about how you intend to use bandcamp ?

Dante:  Sure.  Remember though I'm a newby at selling music on the internet, so I don't know the end result yet.  e.g. whether I'll sell enough music to pay for the various nominal subscription fees.  As you can see to the right I have used Bandcamp to set up my album of 12 songs.  For each song I have uploaded or entered the following elements:

  • Song Title.  Self explanatory.  The album is named after the first song I wrote - hence 'Sea Of Songs'

  • Audio File.  These have all been mastered at 96KHz by the Scope XITE-1D.

  • Graphics.  A picture for each song.  Same picture I use in iTunes to build up my originals music collection so that it shows on the iPhone screen whenever I play the song.

  • Lyrics.  The lyrics for the song.  Plain text.

  • Description.  A brief description of what the song is about.

  • ISRC Number.  A unique number that identifies a song - for example differentiates it from another song by the same name by some other artist.  This makes it easier for collection agencies to send royalties to the right place.

  • Credits.  Text that describes who wrote the song, who recorded, performed and engineered it etc.

  • Copyright.  A brief copyright note describing expectations of others who may want to use the song.

Shay Dan:  And have you checked out any other online distribution services ?

Dante:  At the moment, I'm checking out   Will keep you posted.


Shay Dan and Dante February 2019