Shay-Dan: Your Scope projects look uncomplicated.  Can you explain their basic functionality and do they change much from track to track ?

Dante: These are my base projects which I don't need to tweak much at all.  The large project on the top is the XITE-1D project used mainly for mastering.  But there's also a John Bowen ProWave in there on synth Pad duties and the DAS SC_GATE there to reduce incoming microphone noise when recording vocals. 

On the Scope PCI (lower project) I normally just run a single instance of proTone or Profit synths - again John Bowen classics.  The proTone is great for minimoog style lead breaks, and the Profit is great on those 80's style brass stabs.

Shay-Dan:  What mastering plugs do you use on the XITE-1D ?

Dante:  Well, there's the dNa MultiComp - this is my finalizing compression beast and replaces 2 or 3 plug-ins from my previous setup.  And of course the DAS BrickMaster gives me my final level.  I run that so the loudest part of the track just touches below zero dB.





Dante and Shay Dan March 2019