Shay-Dan: I've heard about your virtual guitar rack.  Why do you use all that if you can play real guitar ?

Dante:  Good question.  Yes I can play real guitar to a certain extent, but its time consuming when I have to edit, cut and paste bars all the time.  Also, I can never get a decent lead guitar without an amp in my bedroom size studio.  The SoftPhonics Amp is useful on some guitar sounds to provide a Marshall edge.

Shay-Dan:  So you use preset guitar rhythm licks ?

Dante:  Yes - for rhythm.  For lead however I play Shreddage 2 on the keyboard.  That's shown in the Virtual Rack picture right hand middle.  Its not just a time saving mechanism, but having a choice of preset rhythms adds variety to what I would normally play, with a choice of picking and strumming styles I wouldn't have thought of when playing a real guitar.

JoPo: Virtual guitars seem to be very difficult to do! I think I tried every new virtual guitar either based on samples or modelisation that have been released since 15 years. And I never found a satisfying one for what I want to do : funk/soul rhythm guitar. It never sounds like I wish and nevertheless, I spend hours to try to make it sounding like I wanted !   IMHO virtual guitarist product results are much better with heavy rock distortion chord sounds.  I tried the Scarbee "funky" - the AAS electric guitar - Native guitarist electric session - Sugar Bytes guitarist library and I certainly missed some other.

YaYaJohn: I've been using this one for a while. Like it a lot. You can create your own MIDI file rhythms if you don't find any you like.  You can also export the MIDI to other instruments like Six String. I bought the Latin pack. The guitar mode with the strumming keys is cumbersome, haven't really gotten on with that yet. Personally I like the sound quality of some of the other programs better but this one seems to be very light on resources.

Dawman: Here’s a pretty impressive finger picking instrument by Mike from Realitone

I just got Shreddage 3 just because the Scorpions excerpt sounded great. Now I got some big ass power chords that go really low.
I still use a Modular Patch with Pulsifiers and Diode Modules that sounds great for leads. Sampled leads are too thin and Scope's Powerchords kind of suc, so these 2 will be my dirty stuff for a while.  Funny that the original 8 bit sample of a Gibson SG on the Ensoniq Mirage still kicks ass. The feedback on the mod wheel was so cool for 1985.

Dante:  Yep that Realitone is pretty good too. Damn it that means I'm going to have to write some bluegrass now with some southern drawl...




Dante, Shay Dan, JoPo, YaYaJohn and Dawman February 2019