Dante: So your in a duo 'Dynamix II' - has Dynamix II still been performing Moonfest (West Palm Beach Florida) during the pandemic ?

Dynamixii: No, we performed at Moonfest in October 2019, the pandemic began March 11, 2020 according to the W.H.O.

We have played a few shows during the pandemic but we were very careful to keep our distance and have strict rules about who was on stage at all times. Afterwards we made sure to keep our distance from anyone for a few weeks after the show, strange times.

Dante: What's your gear for live shows ?

Dynamixii: Roland SVC350 Vocoder, Ableton Live from a Macbook Pro, NI Audio 6, Roland SH101 for my vocoder's carrier and a Isla Instruments S2400 sampling drum machine. My partner Todd Walker has the same setup with the exception of the vocoder which he uses the Roland Boutique ver. and a QuNeo controller.

Dante: Do you use Scope for live work ?

Dynamixii: No, I use SCOPE to route all of my vintage analog synths to the computer to track them.


Dante: So many of the following releases were made using Scope :


  • Dynamix II: The Album (1990), Dynamix II
  • You Hear It! You Fear It! (1992), Dynamix II
  • Machine Language (1992), Dynamix II
  • Bass Planet (1993), Dynamix II

  • Color Beats (1994), Dynamix II

  • Electro Megamix: 1985-Present (1997), Joey B