Harrison Mixbus 32C is a great sounding DAW modeled after a real Harrison Console.  It represents a real step towards getting an analog sounding mix from a Digital Audio Workstation.  It does however lack some of the work flow features of your typical Cubase, Studio One, Reason or Logic DAWS.  Therefore many users do not use Mixbus for their final mix but instead import stems from their main DAW into it getting the best of both worlds.


Scope I/O components:

  • ASIO-32 Source 64.  Is for the master channel output from Mixbus.

  • XITE-1 Analog Dest.  Is for the studio monitors or headphones.

  • ASIO2 Dest-64.  Channels 1L and 1R is the loopback from proWave back into MixBus for Recording prior to mixdown.

  • ASIO2 Dest-64.  Channels 3L and 3R is the loopback of the entire mix from MixBus back into Mixbus.



Upon startup of Mixbus you may be presented with the system setup window.  Ensure you have the 'Use Buffered I/O' option checked.  Select the Input and Output devices as shown below then press 'Start'.


The red 'Stopped' indicator will turn green and change to 'Running'.  After this, the system options window should disappear and MixBus will then start a few seconds later.