SCOPERISE:  Do you prefer Solo or Group performance?

DANTE: Group.  But I have shied away from becoming too involved in groups as they tend to gravitate to becoming cover bands, whereas my musicianship has more stemmed from song writing rather than any instrumental competency.  I have on occasion enjoyed performing karaoke at pubs and cruise ships.  I once won a trophy for singing Elvis Presley’s ‘Return to Sender’, and earning some infamy singing Billy Idols 'White Wedding' on a cruise ship.


SCOPERISE:  What bands, duos etc have you performed/recorded with?

DANTE: Brass bands, youth orchestras, country and western band, garage bands.  Played Status Quo covers to university students with a drummer mate and me on electric guitar in an empty swimming pool for great acoustics.  Also I played bass in a country and western gig in Tasmania. I've not toured with my music making except I took a road trip in NSW with a friends band and took over the mixing desk at a couple of gigs.  I've not toured overseas but I have met other musicians in the USA and collaborated with them online.  And saw a performance of School of Rock on Broadway New York.


The brass section of the TYO were also members of the Tasmanian Youth Brass Band and we formed our own group 'The Bats'.  We didnt do formal gigs.  We would just rock up to parties and restaurants unannounced and belted out the theme to 'Batman'.  For that, we often scored a few free meals, until the novelty wore off.  But it was good while it lasted. 

We would also go up to the local quarry, tie a mattress to an EH Holden, sit on it playing batman whilst doing donuts.  That all stopped when our mate fell of the edge of an embankment one night and had to go to hospital. He was ok but we decided it wasn't really a good gig !



SCOPERISE:  What's the smallest gig you've ever done?

DANTE: In a tent by the side of the Hume highway somewhere between Melbourne and Canberra acoustic guitar jamming with a friend and an audience of one.


SCOPERISE:  Who would you like to perform for and where?

DANTE: A packed London Millennium Dome, St Kilda Palais or any local community hall, performing or directing the ‘Moving Hearts’ rock opera.




SCOPERISE:  Have you ever performed in a musical? If so, what part did you play or were you involved in the instrumental side of the event?


DANTE: In GodSpell I played Jesus when singing and performing a Vaudeville choreographed version of the song ‘All For The Best’.  That was probably the most nervous I have been prior to a performance in front of an audience of about 2,000 at the Hobart Town Hall.  That's the biggest venue I have ever performed at.  We toured around the state as well, partying all the way between shows.

Everyone knew everyone else in a small town like Hobart, so may of the people I knew were simultaneously in the Youth Orchestra, the Brass Band and in my circle of friends.  Some were also house mates.  It was a happening scene with never a dull moment.  Ever.



SCOPERISE:  Did you ever have to wear costumes whilst performing … including a penguin suit?

DANTE: Yes.  Live performances of a musical adaption of The Fisherman and his Soul and in GodSpell we wore hippy style 60’s gear.


SCOPERISE: What is the funniest memory you have of your musical journey?

DANTE: Writing parody songs with keyboardist friend Mack Lancaster.  For example, ‘White Bedding’ – a send up of Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’.  And a tourism send up song called ‘Holiday in Cairo’ sung with a Frank Zappa accent.


SCOPERISE:  Do you prefer to write alone or co write with others?

DANTE: Alone but also like collaboration.


SCOPERISE: With regards to song writing methods, how do you find your own compositions are constructed?

DANTE: Song concept and title, followed by arrangement and lyrics together.