SCOPERISE:  So how do you put all these classic effects and techniques into practice ?


DANTE: Harrison Mixbus32 is based on the circuits of the real Harrison 32C console. Its is a digital emulation designed to deliver the same analog sound and behaviours of the original.  To that end it performs very well.  Not only the sound is analog, but the look, feel and operation of Mixbus32 are very close to using a real desk.  Or as close as you can get in the computer world.


I think the key to some of this analog sound is the 'Drive' knob on each of the mix buses.  It adds a touch of overdrive and harmonic content that is sometimes lacking in digital recordings.


SCOPERISE:  So how does the Universal Audio gear figure in all this ?


DANTE: Many of the UAD plugins themselves are one to one circuit models of classic effects.  And since they work as VST plugins they can be inserted in any part of Mixbus's signal chain(s). 


On the right you can see a couple of the effects I've dropped onto the master bus.  The Fairchild 670 of course is a legendary compressor and after that I have placed an Ampex ATR102 reel-to-reel tape machine to impart a final touch of analog saturation.


SCOPERISE:  So how can you improve on all this ?


Universal Audio has a very exciting product called Luna.  Currently it's Mac only but I'm hoping they will release it for Windows one day.  You see its not just the individual channels or busses that give a mixing console its unique sound.  The way it 'sums' the channels together is also important sonically.  Luna has both Neve and API summing currently so getting that famous 'Neve' sound is even more attainable.

If UA don't release Luna for Windows a Mac might be my next computer upgrade.


The graphic to the right shows part of a mixdown session for a song called 'Kitchen Hand'.  It's my latest record so I feel I have gotten the technique down pat reasonably well now.  Theres always room for improvement in the quest for what my song writing teacher called the  'Golden Platter'.  A euphemism for a well arranged/produced song.